Technology - BPM Supreme - October 1, 2019
See It First: Pioneer DJ DDJ-XP2 DJ Controller for rekordbox dj and Serato DJ Pro

Pioneer DJ has announced the DDJ-XP2 Controller, the very first piece of DJ gear to launch with full compatibility for both rekordbox dj and Serato DJ Pro. BPM Supreme is proud to bring you a first look at this controller in a new series called “See It First.” Keep reading to learn more.

The release of the DDJ-XP2 is significant for Pioneer DJ because it is the first time a product is co-branded with both Serato and rekordbox. The DDJ-XP2 builds off of the functionality of the popular DDJ-XP1 for rekordbox dj, as well as the DDJ-SP1 for Serato but also adds new features for the latest versions of both DJ applications. So whether you play with rekordbox or Serato DJ Pro, you’ll be able to use the DDJ-XP2 to trigger popular features such as Hot Cues, Beat Jump, and Slicer.

Built for the most energetic finger drumming, the DDJ-XP2 has 32 Performance Pads (16 on each deck) with lightning-fast responses. Until now, Serato DJ Pro has only supported up to eight pads in any mode. Now for the first time, DJs can use 16 pads to control a single mode in Serato DJ Pro, so you can trigger Hot Cues and samples at the same time for example.

The DDJ-XP2 also brings new pad modes in rekordbox dj and Serato DJ Pro like Transport mode that assigns Transport controls such as play, pause, cue, and pitch up/down to the Performance Pads, and Silent Cue that lets you mute the deck and silently cue up tracks with the faders open.

All key features of the DDJ-XP2 include:

  • Seamless compatibility with rekordbox dj and Serato DJ Pro
  • Highly responsive, robust, and portable design
  • Slide FX that let DJs dynamically control a chosen pad effect in rekordbox dj, or a combination of effects in Serato DJ Pro, by touching the Slide FX strips and moving your finger up and down
  • Serato DJ Pro’s first-ever 16-pad modes
  • Support for new Transport mode in rekordbox dj
  • Support for new Silent Cue in Serato DJ Pro
  • Loop section from the DJM-S9 – feel at home when using the looping controls
  • Bus power via USB – no need to plug into an outlet
  • Includes rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs licenses – worth a combined $229
  • Kensington lock – keep your controller secure

The DDJ-XP2 will be available from early October for $299 USD. To use the DJ controller with rekordbox dj/dvs, update to the latest version of the application and activate the included license keys, worth a combined $229. To unlock Serato DJ Pro, you’ll need to connect the DDJ-XP2 and update to the newly released version of the application. Serato DVS is also supported (Expansion Pack available separately). To learn more or find out where to buy, visit the Pioneer DJ website.

Our friends at Pioneer DJ say that they are proud of their relationship with Serato and excited to bring this co-branded controller to the world. We will keep you up-to-date on all things Pioneer DJ, so check back frequently.

Watch the full “See It First” video above for an in-depth look at all of the new features the DDJ-XP2 has to offer. Do you play with Serato, rekordbox, or both? Let us know what you think of this controller in the comments below!

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