DJ Experience - BPM Supreme - August 30, 2023
Native Instruments Releases the Traktor X1 MK3 DJ Controller

For DJs looking for exceptional portability and powerful effects control, Native Instruments gives you the new Traktor X1 MK3 DJ controller. The X1 combines the best of NI’s previous-generation DJ controllers with brand-new features like “Mixer Mode” and a customizable lighting system. Keep reading for more. 

The X1 MK3 has extensive functionality for effects control, playback manipulation, looping, and mixer mapping. It comes bundled with the latest version of NI’s flagship DJ software, Traktor Pro 3, so DJs can plug in and start mixing out of the box. 

With the new “Mixer Mode,” DJs can press a single button to switch from effects mode to mixer mode and instantly take control of EQs, channel levels, and transition tracks while monitoring all four channel levels on the displays.

Plus, a highly visual design allows DJs to focus on their performance instead of looking at a laptop. Five OLED displays reveal essential track and effect information, including track progress, track name, loop size, selected effects, and effect parameters.

An advanced lighting system notifies DJs with key information, like when a track is about to run out or if it’s running in a loop. You can also choose from a spectrum of colors to customize the ambient lighting and button color, perfect for matching your unique style or brand.

Highly customizable, the X1 can be quickly set up to meet your specific needs. Make adjustments to mapping with a customization page in Traktor Pro and color-code each button group to easily identify different functions. A three-port powered USB hub extends connectivity, allowing you to connect to CDJs, your custom setups, or additional X1 units.

The Traktor X1 is available for pre-order now for $299 from Native Instruments and Sweetwater retailers. To learn more, check out the walkthrough video below.

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