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5 AI Music Production Tools to Try Out in 2024

Art is known for its dynamic nature, reflecting the culture, ideologies, and technologies of the ages. While it may seem that the world is just opening up its doors to artificial intelligence, certain types of AI have been used in the world of music production for years now – whether that’s AI-powered sonic recommendations, or iZotope’s famous host of AI-backed plugins like Ozone. 

Fortunately, the popular zeitgeist has led to AI music production tools becoming more accessible. We’ve tested out several and will share some of our top picks for 2024 below. 

Will AI Completely Transform Music? 

Understandably, many musicians wonder whether AI will replace musicians entirely. This fear is valid as technology continues to be released at a pace that makes it challenging to predict the true long-term effects on art and the industry. However, it remains that one of the most precious parts of music is the imperfections and perspectives humans bring to the table. 

AI plugins can be looked at as a way to spark creativity or mine through several ideas, but just as a sample is meant to be manipulated, algorithmically served suggestions are designed to be transformed. In other words, these AI-assisted music plugins can give you an amazing starting point for your next beat, but it’s up to you to transform it and put it within the context of your artistry. 

Best AI Music Production Plugins

Without further ado, here are some of the top AI music production plugins to test out in 2024: 

XO by XLN Audio 

Any music producer knows that a great song starts with a killer beat. XO by XLN audio revamps the beat making experience, instantly organizing your sample library by analyzing the waveforms. Use the intuitive sequencer to randomize your drums, swap individual sounds with similar textures, and drag to move directly into a MIDI or audio track. 

The suite also features a sample combiner, allowing you to blend your individual samples with similar sounds to use your library in an entirely new way. 

Check it out here:


Getting saturation that provides that analog warmth without sacrificing too much clarity in your mix can be a fine line. Fortunately, BABY Audio offers their AI-assisted TAIP plugin designed to offer tape saturation catered to your individual audio tracks. It’s emulated off of a 1971 European tape machine to bring presence and shine to any mix. Switch between color modes, switch between single or dual tape machine models, and work with over 100 different presets to find the right sound for your tracks. 

Listen to TAIP in action here: 

Soothe 2 

I personally use Soothe 2 by Oeksound in just about all of my creations to cut down on harshness in my vocals and clear up muddiness in my mix. This dynamic suppressor automatically analyzes your audio and adjusts it to create a smoother, more balanced sound anywhere in your mix. With presets for strings, synths, vocals, guitars, drums, and more, this plugin is as intuitive as it is flexible. 

Take a listen to it in action here: 


For a free plugin to spark some inspiration, check out the emerging library provided by NEUTONE. The suite allows members of the music production community to upload their own models, letting you transform your audio inputs into the likes of choirs, violins, and more. The suite is constantly evolving and you can tap into their creative community via Discord

Check this one out to transform your field recordings into unique, textured sounds:

iZotope Neutron 

It’s impossible to talk about the power of AI-assisted music production tools without diving into pioneering brand iZotope’s numerous offerings. While they’re arguably most known for their mastering suite Ozone, the AI-power mixing suite Neutron is definitely worth considering. 

This mixing tool analyzes your track or multitracks providing a flexible unmask module, compression module, dynamic EQ module, exciter module, and more. The mix assistant comes with eight different plugins to help you sculpt your sound. Even if you’re keen on how you mix your music, Neutron can provide a fresh perspective or starting point while you’re working in isolation. 

Here is a sneak peek at some of the offerings from the mixing assistant: 

The collaboration between AI music tools and artists is just beginning. Have fun incorporating these creative plugins into your workflow. 

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