Technology - BPM Supreme - October 15, 2020
Pioneer DJ Debuts the DJM-S11 2-Channel, 4-Deck Battle Mixer

Not long after announcing the brand new CDJ-3000, Pioneer DJ has released the new DJM-S11 professional 2-channel, 4-deck battle mixer. As the successor to the popular DJM-S9, the DJM-S11 arrives with a ton of new features to help DJs mix, scratch, and perform with Serato DJ Pro or rekordbox. Keep reading for more.

One of the most notable additions to the DJM-S11 is a new 4.3-inch customizable touch display. From here, you can browse tracks, check on playback positions and waveforms, and dynamically change the music texture with the Touch FX screen. Plus, a Touch MIDI feature enables you to trigger functions in the DJ software. Together, these new features allow you to stay focused and keep your eyes on the mixer during a performance.

Another significant update is the mixer’s redesigned look that delivers a more intuitive feel, new controls, and improved sound performance. The Performance Pads are larger and the Magvel Fader Pro has been strengthened to give you more stability while scratching.

The new DJM-S11 Deck 3/4 Control feature allows you to play up to four tracks at once. The additional decks appear on the touch display with a selection of controls so you can browse and load tracks, adjust EQs, set loops, trigger Hot Cues, and more.

Serato DJ Pro users can use the Deck Move feature to move tracks from deck one to four, and deck two to three without a break in the music. And with the new Dual Deck control, you can use one fader, knob, or control vinyl to manipulate tracks loaded on decks 1&3 or 2&4, allowing you to scratch two tracks at once, add effects, or adjust their volume simultaneously.

Check out more key features below:

Customizable Touch Screen

A 4.3-inch customizable touch screen gives all the information you need. Browse tracks, check waveforms, and dynamically change the texture of the music with Touch FX. With Touch MIDI, you can directly control functions in your DJ software without touching your laptop.

Smooth Echo

DJs on rekordbox or Serato DJ Pro can assign the brand new Smooth Echo effect to their choice from a selection of controls, such as a fader or pad. Then, with a Smooth Echo dedicated button, the echo will trigger as soon as the relevant control is moved. With changeable parameters for the effect, this new feature allows DJs to create sounds while scratching or finger drumming.

Deck 3/4 Control

Deck 3/4 Control, an “industry-first” feature, offers two extra decks, accessible via the touch display, allowing DJs to pack more sounds into their sets and play up to four tracks simultaneously. These additional decks include a range of controls such as EQs, Hot Cues, pitch bend, and more, making it easier than ever to create live mashups of multiple tracks.

Scratch Bank

The new pad mode Scratch Bank enables DJs to instantly load scratch samples from four banks assigned in Serato DJ Pro by simply tapping a pad. Load from a specified start point or activate Combo Pad mode in Serato DJ Pro to use up to four different pad modes simultaneously (two modes per channel, four pads per mode) and combine more features.

Improved Performance Pads

The eight Performance Pads are now bigger, making them easier to hit in energetic battles. In Serato DJ Pro, use Combo Pad mode to combine up to four different pad modes at once, and use Scratch Bank to call up assigned scratch samples by just tapping a pad.


An enhanced MAGVEL FADER PRO with boosted vertical rigidity lets DJs scratch with more confidence, while the tougher coating around the crossfader area reduces wear and tear.

22 Built-in Effects + New Beat FX

DJs can spice up their sets with 15 Beat FX from the DJM-S9, plus seven new ones, including Channel Fader Pitch and Helix. You can instantly trigger the effects saved in four FX Banks and edit them via the touch display whenever needed. While using one of these effects, you can also trigger up to six more from the DJ software to create sounds never heard before.

Direct USB Connections

With the DJM-S11, there’s no need to use an external USB hub. Simply plug DJ controllers and other devices into the dual USB-A ports to use them. Two CDJs can be connected to use HID mode, and the mixer includes two USB-B ports allowing two laptops to be connected simultaneously for smooth DJ changeovers.

Plug & Play and MIDI Mapping

The DJM-S11 unlocks both Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox Performance mode when connected to a computer running either application, with no license activation key required. A voucher for the Serato Pitch ‘n Time DJ Expansion Pack is included, which enables key shifting and key syncing with perfect audio quality. And with the advanced MIDI mapping, DJs can assign every button, fader, and knob to control various features and functions in rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro. 

High Quality Audio

Under the surface of the DJM-S11 is a host of premium audio technology, ensuring every detail of your performance is heard loud and clear. With studio-quality 64-bit mixing, dithering processing inside the DSP, low-jitter clock circuit, and 32-bit high-quality D/A converter in the master output section, the mixer inherits a high-density, raw sound from the industry-standard DJM-900NXS2.

The DJM-S11 is available now for $1,999. Watch the introduction video above or learn more on Pioneer DJ’s website.

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