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SoundSwitch 2.3 Adds Philips Hue Smart Lighting for At-Home DJ Performances

SoundSwitch, the software platform that helps DJs creates professional and immersive light shows quickly and automatically, has announced their latest update with version 2.3. SoundSwitch users can now control and synchronize smart home lighting with a Philips Hue smart lighting integration – an industry-first feature. The update also adds live override FX and customization, as well as UI improvements and feature enhancements. Keep reading for more.

Philips Hue Smart Lighting Integration

With the new Philips Hue integration, DJs can control and synchronize Philips Hue smart home lighting effortlessly with their DJ sets to enhance their livestream performances or transform a smart home into a nightclub. Simply connect SoundSwitch to an Entertainment Area, press play on your DJ controller, and watch your lights automatically change color in perfect time with the music.

Live Override FX

The new Live Override Effects allow for on-the-fly control over movement, color HUE filter, customizable color overrides, dual colors in Static Looks, Group Intensity Master, and moving head position overrides.

These effects can be launched using any MIDI controller or the on-screen buttons providing more control over lighting effects on the fly. Static Looks are now fully customizable with the ability to select individual colors and control for each lighting fixture in the user’s setup. 

Autoscript Presets & Styles

The AutoScript feature has been upgraded to include new automatic algorithms for genres such as house and techno, as well as lighting automation styles for events such as “First Dance” and more. Both the new and existing AutoScripting presets and styles now apply to all fixture types, including multicell fixtures such as the Gigbar Move and others. These new automation algorithms offer more variety providing users with more diverse light shows.   

UI/UX Improvements

Several new UI and UX improvements are available in version 2.3, including expanded copy and paste functionality, workspace selection options, and Toggle and Press settings for MIDI controls.

SoundSwitch 2.3 is compatible with Serato and Virtual DJ, as well as any DJ or DAW application that offers Ableton Link. To learn more about SoundSwitch 2.3 or download this new version, visit SoundSwitch.com.

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