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Virtual DJ 2021 Unveils Real-Time Track Separation

In just the past few days, the DJ industry has witnessed not one, but two significant advancements in DJ software. First, Algoriddim’s djay app released an update that enables AI-based music separation, allowing DJs to separate and remix individual elements from tracks in real-time. Shortly after, Virtual DJ launched a new version of their DJing software with virtually (no pun intended) the same technology, allowing real-time track separation in Virtual DJ 2021. The announcement of Virtual DJ 2021 comes as big news for DJs who are always looking for new ways to add creativity to their mixes. Keep reading for more. 

Virtual DJ 2021 for Mac and PC comes packed with features, but the newest and most impressive is called “real-time track separation.” In Virtual DJ 2021, DJs can now mix in real-time with individual components of a track, such as vocals, instruments, kicks, and hi-hats. 

Virtual DJ says that with this new technology, flawless live mashups and seamless transitions are now the new normal. Check out more details below:

  • ModernEQ mode provides accurate separation of stems for DJs to control and achieve perfect transitions 
  • New Stem pads let DJs easily create live mashups and remixes in real-time
  • New waveforms give a clear view of tracks so DJs can easily see beats and vocals to avoid clashes and breaks

Virtual DJ is used all over the world by professional DJs and has plug and play support for more than 300 controllers. Over the years, the company has largely focused on the beginner DJ market. However, with new real-time track separation technology in version 2021, they could garner attention from more experienced DJs as well.

Virtual DJ 2021 is available now and is free for personal use or as a free update to all existing Virtual DJ Pro owners. A Virtual DJ Pro license costs $19 per month, or you can also opt for a one-time purchase. To learn more, visit Virtual DJ’s website here.

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