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Traktor DJ 2 App Now Available on iPad, macOS, and Windows

Native Instruments has released an all-new version of their beginner-focused DJ app, Traktor DJ 2. Free for iPad, macOS, and Windows, Traktor DJ 2 now includes features such as SoundCloud Go+ integration and track recommendation. Keep reading for more.

With a rebuilt codebase for cross-platform capability on desktop and iPad, Traktor DJ 2 is a new app with some of the best parts of its predecessor carried over. Plus, it’s designed to make DJing accessible to anyone at any time.

“Whether it’s a few friends at a house party, or a few thousand in a warehouse, we want to make mixing tunes and playing sets something everybody can do. TRAKTOR DJ 2 is a DJ app without barriers,” Native Instruments says on their product page.

With SoundCloud Go+ integration, users can stream an extensive catalog of music. The app will also recommend which track to play next based on what is currently playing and includes a sync button to help DJs stay on beat.

More notable features include:

  • Retina support for scaling at any resolution
  • Vector waveform mode
  • Auto-save collection
  • Play queue
  • Freeze mode to enable live remixing
  • Flux mode to scratch, backspin, or chop up a track without losing its position
  • Headphone cueing
  • EQs and a filter on each channel
  • Four Mixer FX
  • Eight Hot Cues

Traktor DJ 2 works as a standalone app or can be used with Traktor’s Kontrol S2 MK3, Kontrol Z1, and Audio 2 MK2 hardware. Support for other controllers will be added in the future.

Unlike Native Instruments’ flagship Traktor Pro 3 software, however, Traktor DJ 2 only has two decks and does not include remix or stem decks. It also does not have mix recording capabilities and no metadata editing or MIDI mapping.

Check out the videos above and find links to download the free app on Native Instruments’ website.

What are your thoughts on Traktor DJ 2? Do you currently use an app like this for fun or as a backup music source? Sound off in the comment section below!


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