DJ Experience - BPM Supreme - November 16, 2022
TroyBoi’s New Latin-Inspired EP ‘INFLUENDO’ + Exclusive Playlist

Troy Henry, known professionally as TroyBoi, returns with a new EP titled INFLUENDO, inspired by his love of Latin music, the culture, and his travels throughout various South American countries. This British DJ, record producer, and musician teamed up with BPM Supreme to promote his latest release on our platform and provide an exclusive playlist to the BPM community. 

Known for his high-energy performances at festivals like EDC Orlando that incorporate stunning visuals, live instruments, dancers, and jaw-dropping aerialists, TroyBoi’s music combines trap, house, bass, future bass, and dubstep. Getting his start making beats in the kitchen of a studio apartment with just his MacBook and a midi keyboard, TroyBoi has classified himself as a “music manipulation specialist,” and it’s not hard to see why. 

His new Latin-inspired EP is available now on BPM Supreme. Translating to “influenced,” INFLUENDO delivers hard-hitting beats, Flamenco guitars, and much more, all blended with TroyBoi’s signature sound. Look for trap-infused collaborations like “Ninguém Dorme” with Brazilian artists Tropkillaz and MC Lan, and “Shake It” with Guaynaa. You can also watch a few music videos for the EP, including “Carti” and “Dale.” 

Check out TroyBoi’s exclusive playlist that includes tracks from the new EP now, and stay on the lookout for more!

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