DJ Experience - BPM Supreme - November 3, 2021
Pioneer DJ Adds New Desktop Speakers for DJing and Home Studios

Pioneer DJ just added a new model to their range of desktop monitor systems: the 5-inch DM-50D. This new speaker system delivers balanced, punchy bass sound, and with the flip of a switch, changes from production mode to DJ mode. Keep reading for more. 

Coming in black and white color options, the DM-50D speakers offer listeners easy use and are ideal for anything from at-home music production to jamming to your favorite playlists. They inherit key features from the popular DM-40 desktop monitors while adding new technology and performance features for a higher quality sound.

To achieve that balanced, punchy bass sound, the DM-50D speakers combine a Class-D amplifier with a 5-inch woofer, while an advanced DECO convex diffuser design provides clear high frequencies.

Artists looking to produce tracks for their next DJ set can flip the speaker switch to change from production mode to DJ mode, and the DSP settings will automatically adjust to create the best sound for each application.

The self-powered DM-50D speakers are easy to configure. Simply connect your DJ setup or home studio to the RCA, mini-jack, and newly added TRS input terminals on the DM-50D speakers. Even better, the volume knob and headphones socket are on the front panel for quick connection and level control.

The DM-50D desktop monitor system will be available in late November for $199 per pair. To learn more, watch the introduction video below or visit Pioneer DJ’s website.

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