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Found on White Label: Hip Hop Artist & Emcee Miranda Writes

BPM For Artists is dedicated to independent and unsigned artists. We invite music creators of all kinds to upload their music for free to get it directly into the hands of top DJs and tastemakers around the world via BPM Supreme’s White Label music library. 

Our latest featured artist found on White Label is NYC-based hip hop artist, Miranda Writes. Not only is she a powerhouse emcee for the Harlem Globetrotters, but she also just released her debut album, Dope in Real Life. Miranda’s music has been trending on White Label, and it’s not hard to see why. Read on to get to know this rising star!

Where do you call home? 

When I’m not touring with Harlem Globetrotters internationally as their emcee, New York!

How do you describe your musical style? 

Upbeat, feel-good music. I like to make people smile, dance, and feel free. That’s what made me fall in love with hip hop. I love how inspiring it is, it gives me confidence, it makes me feel good! I can only hope that I’m able to share that same vibration with others through my music. You know what they say.. peace, love, unity, and having fun! 

What first inspired you to get into music?  

It started off as poetry in high school. One day I put one of my pieces on a beat and the rest was history. I’m happy to say I haven’t looked back since. I love hip hop culture. 

Is there an artist or person who has inspired you most? 

Hmm, I would definitely have to say Missy Elliott. She checks off every box creatively. She is a phenomenal lyricist, gets the people hype, and gets them to listen. To me, that’s what hip hop is all about. 

Overall, I get inspired by life. I just pen my experiences and I think for the most part as humans we’re all the same. We may have different experiences but our emotional triggers are the same, which ultimately means we’re more alike than we are different. When you figure that out it just makes the creative canvas so much more open. 

What’s your favorite piece of music production gear or software? 

Right now since I’m on tour I would have to say the DJ Reloop Buddy. It’s a mini compact controller. I’m beginning to DJ and I have so much fun making mashups with my music and some of my favorite songs. When I’m home and back in my own studio, I’m married to Protools – lol.

What’s your favorite part of the music production process? 

I would say the raw studio magic that’s created when I’m just vibing with my producers. I think the best way to create is to go into the lab with no expectations or exact ideas in mind and see what happens. It just creates a fun, free environment, and I end up getting out everything I want to say. 

What are you currently working on? 

Yes! Right now I’m heavily pushing my album Dope in Real Life, which I released at the top of the year. I am however working on some fun new music for the summer and want to drop a summer EP. 

DJs are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest hit record. Check out Miranda’s music on White Label now!

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