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Found on White Label: Audio Jacked Wants to Take Over Your Speakers

Hailing from the vibrant streets of Essex, UK, “Audio Jacked” isn’t just his name, but his philosophy. For this trending artist found on White Label, producing music is about seizing control of the sound system. Read more about this rising star and his musical journey, from classically trained roots to his current addiction to creating powerful drops in bass house music.

Tell us about your artist name and how you got it. 

“Audio Jacked” to me means seizing control of the sound system and playing whatever you want. It’s all about that audacious takeover and letting the music speak for itself.

Where do you call home? 

I proudly call Essex, UK, my home.

How do you describe your musical style? 

My musical style has evolved over the years, culminating in the vibrant and electrifying world of bass house. While I draw inspiration from various genres, it’s those powerful drops in bass house that truly ignite my passion.

What first inspired you to get into music?  

With both parents as music teachers, my journey started with classical training in various instruments to professional levels. From there, I ventured into guitar-based music, exploring jazz funk before seamlessly transitioning into dance and EDM.

Is there an artist or person who has inspired you most? 

Jamiroquai was my initial muse before I delved deep into EDM. In the early days of my dance music journey, I even had the opportunity to create a few tracks with Hysteric Ego.

What’s your favorite piece of music production gear or software? 

I rely on Logic Audio for production, Adam A7X for monitors, and Sennheiser for headphones. Interestingly, many of my bass lines start on a guitar or bass guitar before being converted to MIDI for further experimentation.

What’s your favorite part of the music production process? 

The initial creation process is where my heart truly lies. I thrive on crafting those early concepts. Polishing, mixing, and mastering the tracks is a skill I’ve honed over the years to ensure everything is spot on.

Any future projects coming we should know about?

At any given time, I have around ten tracks in the works. When one doesn’t quite click, it gets shelved for a rainy day, though I haven’t revisited that folder yet. Stay updated by signing up for our mailing list at audiojacked.com, where I announce new releases. I’m also excited about BPM For Artists as a platform to showcase my tracks before their official release, connecting directly with DJs.

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