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7 Essential Networking Tips For Producers

There’s a saying in the music industry that the profession is made up of 90% business and 10% music. While most of us pursue music for the love of the art, it’s clear that you can’t neglect the business side entirely to find success. Hence, it’s essential for all musicians, including music producers, to learn how to network. 

Below, we’ll share some critical networking tips for music producers so that your beats can reach new heights.

Why Is Networking Important In The Music Industry? 

Since the beginning, the music industry has been based on relationships. It’s no coincidence that artists of the same label or collective often collaborate, nor is it that well-connected superstars seem to transition into the music industry without issue. 

Having great music is one thing, but without a support network of creative collaborators and business advocates, it’s challenging to get your music and skills to the right set of ears. Networking acts as a support system for producers and artists and is ultimately one of the key components of growth. 

Some musicians might cringe at the thought of “doing business” surrounding their art, but networking more or less boils down to creating relationships with those interested in the same things as you are. As discussed below, there are many ways to network in the music industry, so you’re bound to find an iteration that’s authentic to you.

7 Networking Tips For Music Producers

There’s no time like the present to start your networking journey. Here are seven actionable strategies to start networking as a music producer:

1. Put In The Work On Socials 

Growing your social media as a DJ or music producer can sometimes feel like a necessary evil. Even if posting on sites like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook doesn’t come naturally to you, it’s certainly a skill worth cultivating. Social media can widely expand your network without requiring you to ever leave the house, opening the door to future collaborators, fans, and business partners. 

Try to post consistently and showcase what matters most to you. Think of your daily interactions as a chance to connect with a new fan. What would you want them to know about your art? What would you like them to hear? Social media can be tedious, but once you get the hang of it, it’s an amazing networking resource that can help you build your brand at a relatively low cost. 

2. Collaborate With Other Artists 

Collaborating with other artists remotely or in person is an amazing way to network and build long-lasting relationships within the music industry. Even if you aren’t committing to doing a proper release together, practicing songwriting or beat making sessions can be a great way to get to know other producers. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out to those you admire. You might not always score the collaboration you’re looking for, but even casual interactions can leave a lasting impression.  

3. Be Open To Meeting Others In and Outside of The Industry 

Make sure you’re open to others and put yourself out there, even when you’re not at music-related functions. You never know who might know someone else. Try your best to be friendly and introduce yourself to others. 

A lot of networking comes down to being a good conversationalist. If you take an interest in others, they will most likely take an interest in you. 

4. Attend Open Mics

Attending open mics is a perfect place to practice your performance – even as a beat maker! If your local market isn’t necessarily aligned with sample-based music, you can start to network with vocalists and songwriters to feature in your beats at these free or low-cost events. 

5. Enlist Your Skills In A Beat Battle 

Beat battles like our Chop Challenge are perfect for practicing your skills, playing with new samples, and meeting other like-minded producers. These challenges are usually free to enter and often come with the prospect of prizes like free gear, subscriptions, and other perks. You can find beat challenges with a quick google search or joining producer Discords like the one run by Beat Collective. 

6. Support Other Artists 

Going to other producer’s gigs or accompanying them to other music-related events is an amazing way to immerse yourself in your local music community. Gigs are naturally a great place to meet other musicians, plus your friends will greatly appreciate your support. Showing your support also helps you fill a room when you start booking your own gigs. 

Seek out undiscovered talent online too! Sites like Fiverr and SoundBetter host thousands of artists who can help you complete your tracks at an affordable rate. Using these platforms can lead to formal collaborations and provide a safe space to practice communicating your artistic vision with other musicians. 

7. Create Genuine Relationships

At the end of the day, remember to have fun! Networking comes down to building lasting relationships. It’s true that in some cases, networking might feel purely transactional. However, oftentimes, the most powerful networking power stems from the relationships you cultivate.

Check in on your producer friends. Support your network and help them grow. Build up others you believe in, and they will be more than inclined to help return the favor. To build your career as a music producer, invest in other musicians. 

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