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5 Essentials to Upgrade Your Mobile DJ Business: Part 2

In Part 1, we covered the fundamental essentials to growing your mobile DJ business. They were business cards, website, social media, DJ lighting solutions, and online booking applications. In part 2, we’re covering ways to dive deeper into promoting your brand. Keep reading for five (more) upgrades that will take your business to the next level.

1. Use Websites like The Knot & WeddingWire

Advertising or creating a business account with The Knot, WeddingWire, or other industry-focused websites will put your brand in front of thousands of new prospective clients. The Knot boasts close to 12 million users to potentially connect with, while WeddingWire says they help over 200,000 local wedding professionals grow their businesses.

Both The Knot and WeddingWire can add value to your brand and contribute to your overall marketing strategies. Each website offers different price levels for advertising and memberships. Our best advice is to do your homework on each, review your budget, and determine the path that will best fit your specific needs. You can’t lose with either option!

2. Invest in Uplighting

In part 1, we discussed using a technology like SoundSwitch or rekordbox 5.2 Lighting Mode to easily sync your music with lighting. If you’re looking for other types of lighting solutions, a great place to start is with uplighting.

A fairly new trend, uplighting not only adds a special touch to events but can also earn you more money per gig. Offering uplighting helps your business keep up with the trends and stand out from the competition.

Watch our video featuring Joe Bunn from Bunn DJ Company for more. Joe breaks down the costs of getting started with uplighting and discusses the value of this investment in the long run.

3. Become a Thought Leader

This sounds more complicated than it really is, we promise! Start by commenting on forums, wedding website blogs, and other places where your target audience hangs out. By offering useful tips and information, you’ll not only be more visible to new client leads, but you can work toward becoming a trusted voice in the industry. Just make sure it’s easy for new leads to see who you are and link back to your website or Facebook page.

Another way to become a thought leader is to get involved with local events and sponsorships, as well as mobile DJ industry functions as much as possible. Putting yourself out there will help you to create lasting first impressions and a strong brand identity.

4. Make a Pinterest Business Account

If you haven’t read our blog post about why mobile DJs need a Pinterest business account, then put that on your to-do list. Unlike The Knot and WeddingWire, Pinterest works as a “visual discovery tool” and has become a significant tool for event planning (not just weddings).

Special event planners, party hosts, and brides (and some grooms too) are finding ideas for their events via Pinterest. Creating a business account is an easy (and free) way to connect with these important audiences and gain more visibility. Read tips on how to get started here.

5. Create Referral Programs

Building a squad of happy clients and vendors is an excellent way to ensure that your mobile business continues to have steady growth. Vendors are specifically important in this process. If you can link up with at least five local vendors and build a solid give-and-take relationship with them, you will have a nice amount of bookings coming through just from referrals. 10% referral fees are pretty standard in the industry but if you’re sending business their way as well, consider making a trade agreement.

Happy clients are also a powerful resource that can be tapped. Why not encourage your past clients to spread the word about their stellar experience with an incentive of some kind? Incentives can be anything from a one-time fee, a discount on future services, or a gift card to popular restaurants/theaters in your area. Also, remember not to be shy about asking for reviews on Yelp or Facebook. Review and testimonials are a great feature for your website too!

Let us know if you have any other essentials for upgrading a mobile DJ business. If you haven’t already checked out our video series, Mobile DJ Tips with Bunn DJ Company, watch all of the episodes here.

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