Company News - BPM Supreme - February 9, 2024
Pitbull, Muzik Junkies & AROCK Bring the Heat with New Single ‘Ese Culo’

DJs, get ready to heat things up! This week sees the release of a sizzling new reggaeton anthem, “Ese Culo,” featuring none other than Mr. 305 himself, Pitbull, alongside music producer Muzik Junkies and AROCK.

Packed with thumping beats, vibrant horns, and Pitbull’s signature lyrical flair, “Ese Culo” is guaranteed to ignite any party from coast to coast. It’s the electrifying focus track of Muzik Junkies’ debut album, Los Elektronikos, a vibrant celebration of Latin EDM, dance, and club sounds that promises to be a playlist staple. Alongside Pitbull and AROCK, additional collaborations on the album include IAmChino, Jenny69, Frankie J, Sensato, Mark B, Alcover, White Star, and Vikina.

“I’m beyond excited to unleash Los Elektronikos,” said Muzik Junkies. “This project is a testament to diverse sounds, a fusion of influences that reflects my musical journey.”

Renowned for their reggaeton and Latin EDM remixes, including hits like “Hot” by Daddy Yankee and Pitbull, Muzik Junkies have captivated the music scene. They’re not just remix masters, though – their unique originals and edits are also in demand and are exclusively available on BPM Supreme.

“Each collaboration on this album is special,” added Muzik Junkies, “and together, we’ve created something truly extraordinary.”

Stay in the loop by following Muzik Junkies and AROCK on Instagram. Don’t miss your chance to download “Ese Culo” and explore more of Muzik Junkies’ music on BPM Supreme!

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