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7 Social Media Hacks for Wedding DJs

Busy wedding DJs understand that the market is crazy competitive. They also recognize that to stay at the top of their game, it’s crucial to kill it on social media. But how do you get that competitive social media “edge” over your competition? After a few of years DJing at the world’s largest social media conference and performing at 500+ weddings, I’ve picked up a few pointers! Here are my best social media hacks that I’ve learned through experience over the years.

Have a Social Email Signature

In your email signature, have clickable social media icons that link directly to your social profiles. People are too busy to type or copy and paste an Instagram or Facebook handle just because you asked for a follow. In my Gmail signature, I simply copied and pasted the social icons I wanted into the signature field, and then linked them to my respective pages.

Ask for Social Handles in the Contract

As any wedding DJ knows, couples are more motivated to work with you at the time of the contract signing, and their focus typically diminishes from there as they get distracted with other wedding details. So naturally, the best time to ask for a follow and get their social details is when they sign the contract!

On my standard contract, I ask for an Instagram handle, a Pinterest wedding board link, and the couple’s wedding website. This is in a field below the signature and is clearly marked as optional. Plus, in my welcome email I have a direct, clickable link to my Instagram page with the text, “Are you on Instagram? I’d love to follow you.”

Encourage New Clients to Share Your Post

Have you ever booked travel and found a ready-made, sharable social media post waiting for you on the confirmation page? It will usually go something like, “I’m going to Hawaii on October 10th! #RentalCarCompany” and then encourage you to share the news with your friends.

You can create something similar for your welcome emails. Embed a press photo or action shot of you with a catchy slogan and your logo. I use ShareLinkGenerator.com to create a clickable link so all the client has to do is click and share the post in a few small steps.

Work the Wedding Hashtag

These days about 95% of couples have a wedding hashtag. You have probably seen them on a welcome sign as you walked into the ceremony or displayed on a chalkboard near the photo op area. During your next meeting with a couple, ask them for the hashtag they plan to use – and use it! Not only should you post with their hashtag, but search the hashtag after the wedding to review your performance, to engage with the client and their guests, and to possibly make some new fans.

Welcome New Clients with a Post

Whether your clients prefer Facebook or Instagram, a great thing to do is post a welcome message on your social media business page. While you’re at it, why not create an Instagram Story template that’s ready to go for when you book a new wedding. Simply plug in the couple’s names, the venue, and the date, then post it to your story. Not only will your new clients feel special, but you will also show prospective clients how your couples get the 5-star treatment!

Don’t Forget Pinterest!

Pinterest is like a bride’s natural habitat. If you’re a wedding DJ, it’s important to have a presence on Pinterest more so than other types of DJs. My suggestion for easily and quickly creating Pinterest content is to build a “Pin” alongside creating a blog post or other promotional posts for social media.

For example, get started with a professional quality vertical photo from the wedding. Create your Pin by giving it a descriptive caption such as “Adrienne & Jaqui’s Romantic Weston Country Club Wedding.” Add your logo and make sure each Pin you create links back to your website, social media page, or blog. Voila! You’re a Pinterest pro. Learn more about creating a Pinterest account here.

Engage Long After the Engagement

Don’t stop engaging with your clients just because you got that follow. Go the extra mile by liking their posts, leaving comments, and getting to know the key players at the wedding. Engaging with clients like this can not only give you valuable insight for their big day but also can turn fans into superfans. It can make the difference as to whether a client refers you to their friends or not, whether they leave you a review or not, and whether they treat you like a trusted friend or a hired servant on the day of the wedding.

Wedding DJs, what’s your best-kept secret for social media? Have you tried any of the tricks above? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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DJ Staci, the Track Star, from San Diego, CA, has been a full-time mobile DJ for 10 years. Staci regularly provides private business coaching for DJs and has spoken about DJ marketing at events like Mobile Beat Las Vegas, Midwest DJs Live, and the Wedding MBA. Her business savvy has also been featured in publications like Mobile Beat, San Diego Style Weddings, BookMoreBrides.com, DJ News TV, and Wedding Planner Magazine.

Staci has performed everywhere from the Las Vegas Strip and festivals to celebrity weddings and events abroad. Some of her clients include Lamborghini, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, Reebok, LA Fitness, and Boost Mobile.

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