DJ Experience - BPM Supreme Contributor - August 30, 2023
5 Ways To Beat the Heat & DJ Like a Pro

Summer is winding down, but for many spots around the country, the heat will stick around for a while longer. When you find yourself DJing with the sun beaming down on your laptop, it can definitely slow you down. 

Spinning in the summer does have some positives, of course, like being outside in fresh air, bringing the vibes to a pool party, and not to mention, you’re not freezing. But there are downsides, too. 

The biggest is the degree of heat you may face. As humans, we can drink if we feel dehydrated, wipe the sweat off our face, or use a fan. But what about our laptops? When the heat is high, laptops are known to slow down, Serato gets choppy, and your laptop could even shut down due to the heat. All these things can cause damage. 

Read on as I share a few ways to alleviate heat-related DJ problems!

1. Do not run multiple programs

Serato already uses a lot of power and computer memory when it’s being used, and having multiple programs open, plus the heat won’t help. It would actually cause the laptop to slow down faster in the heat. Minimize the amount of programs and windows you have open before your gig and let that computer do what it needs to do in the heat!

2. Get a laptop cooling pad

Having a cooling pad will help your laptop beat the beat. The Aicheson Cooling Pad has two efficient fans and will protect your laptop from overheating. This is one of my go-to tools for DJing outdoors. 

3. Carry a USB

USBs are valuable in many ways. I find that a lot of venues booking pool parties use CDJs. In that case, you can use rekordbox via USB. If you’re not using rekordbox via USB, refer to tip #4, up next. Also, if your laptop does overheat, a USB could save the day! The heat is dangerous when it starts to affect your laptop. Serato is known to slow down and glitch in heat. Carry a 32GB USB flash drive like this one with your extra music so you’re always ready to plug in. 

There is also a USB that cools down your laptop in extreme heat! The KLIM Cool Laptop Cooler with Vacuum Fan. This USB features a high-powered reliable motor that propels massive volumes of air through your laptop, cooling it down in seconds. Lab tests show an average temperature reduction of 63.26°F.

4. Find a block/bag of ice

This tip might seem a little back to the basics, but if you find yourself in a pinch, it can help. If you don’t have a cooling pad, find some ice instead. Regular ice or dry ice will do the trick. Just make sure you DO NOT PUT YOUR LAPTOP DIRECTLY on the ICE! Use towels and a buffer in between your laptop and the ice, such as your laptop stand or a drink bucket. This goes without saying, but it’s crucial to make sure everything stays protected and dry while still allowing your laptop to cool down.

5. Monitor your laptop’s temperature

You can also use programs to monitor your laptop’s temperature in the heat, such as CPU-Z, Core Temp, and HWMonitor, to name a few.

So those are just five simple ways you can protect your laptop in the heat and keep your DJ sets going without missing a beat. Also remember, if you’re DJing outside, it’s best to find a flat, hard surface, avoid direct sunlight, and make sure the air paths to the vents on the laptop are clean. I hope all of these tips allow you to have safe and cool sets for the rest of the summer!

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Brooklyn native Cory Giles has a ten-year history in the music industry, working with companies such as Def Jam Recordings and Hot 97. A graduate of Jam Master Jay’s Scratch DJ Academy in NYC, Giles has worked with brands like Louis Vuitton, Mohegan Sun, The W, T-Mobile, and the WWE. In 2018, Giles joined Dash Radio as a weekly host and DJ on Dash Hip Hop X & Taste Radio Channels. Also, he is a member of the Shadyville DJs.
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